Our aim

Our aim is simple, we hope to bring you an easy to use list of trusted motorhome hire companies in the UK. All of the companies listed here have had basic checks done to ensure they are proper companies with the correct insurance in place and the mandatory safety checks on their vehicles (such as a gas safety check)

How does it work?

You simply zoom on the map to the area where you would like to hire a motorhome from and have a look to see which companies are the closest. Then click on that pin and you'll get all the info you need along with a link to their website. It's as easy as that.

Want to join us?

If you would like to have your hire company listed on our site simply click the registerbutton below, complete the form and we'll let you know 


General disclaimer

The Motorhome Hire Directory website makes no attempt to actively promote one business over any other, it is the sole responsibility of the site visitor/potential customer to ensure that any hire company they choose via this site is suitable for their individual needs.

Reviews for each company are produced in good faith and updated as often as possible.


Users of this website understand that this website simply acts as a resource of information and that they must carry out their own due diligence before booking with any company found on this website. The Motorhome Hire Directory nor any of its officers/agents can be held responsible should the company you book with not meet your own expectations for whatever reason.


Please note that the only checks done on each listed company are as follows:

  • The company has a valid gas safety certificate (one requested as a sample from each company) for their hired vehicles.

  • The company has a valid insurance policy for self-drive hire at the point of their listing going live on the site

  • The company has a valid website or social media presence to allow potential customers to do further research before booking

  • The company has online reviews to allow potential customers to decide if they are a company worth booking with.


The Motorhome Hire Directory offers no guarantees (given or implied) that the companies listed can provide a vehicle or service to match your individual needs, this is for you as the potential customer to decide for yourselves. We can also take no responsibility should you have a poor experience with any company you book with, if this happens then you must seek recompense directly with your hire company and leave appropriate reviews as you see fit.

Use of this site is taken as acceptance of this disclaimer in full.

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This resource is currently free for companies to join but we would ask for your support by way of a donation to help develop it and fund the server space if possible, thank you